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Turkmenistan Airlines To Resume Karachi-Abu Dhabi

Wed Feb 07, 2001 8:52 pm

Turkmenistan Airlines have agreed to resume their Ashkabad-Abu Dhabi-Karachi route which was suspended, the airline started flying to Pakistan in the early 90's under an open skies policy introduced to attract more carriers to Karachis new aiport terminal which was and is still under utilised as more airlines have quit KHI since it opened in '92, T5 flew the TU-154 on the route via Abu Dhabi until the policy was revoked as it had failed to bring in the much needed major carriers, after that the airline continued flying to Karachi nonstop from Ashkabad with the 737-300, does any one know if T5 had quit KHI and is resuming operations again or theyre just reviving the stop at Abu Dhabi Confused
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RE: Turkmenistan Airlines To Resume Karachi-Abu Dhabi

Thu Feb 08, 2001 5:03 am

This could be a huge blow to PIA who has dominated the AUH-KHI route. Please keep us informed.