Smoke In The Cabin Near Fll

Tue Apr 20, 1999 10:59 am

There has been some emergency landing today, when the winds shifted over South Florida's fire today.
I guess everybody knows about the dry days and brush fires at Florida, there has been some cases with US Airways and American had the smell of smoke in the cabin (hearing over my scanner at the time), but later realize that it was from the smoke from the ground.
Just a note to share with everyone.

I'm not sure, but isn't there some saftey awarness flying over heavy smoke from the ground?

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RE: Smoke In The Cabin Near Fll

Tue Apr 20, 1999 11:24 am

As long as they where under IFR flight rules then there shouldn't be. I don't think the smoke itself would have caused any problems with the aircraft, even right after takeoff or during decent. Visibility may be a problem if you are flying VFR, of course flying IFR eliminates that concern.

If there are tanker aircraft involved in firefighting efforts then there is a restriced area that is set up around the fire. This would be mentioned in any NOTAM that covered area airports. But rarely do those areas go over a couple thousand feet high.