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Dallas Lovefield

Tue Apr 20, 1999 11:58 am

I heard from a friend that the Dept of Transportation (DOT) has asked to lift the ban on Dallas' Lovefield airport from flying direct to any destinations outside Texas & the 5 adjoining states (I think this is governed by the Wright Ammendment or something like that that was passed a long time ago by the backing of the city of Fortworth to protect DFW). However the city of Fortworth (in this case a.k.a AA or American airlines) is appealing the decision in order to protect DFW (i.e. the monopoly of AA at DFW). Can anyone confirm this? I would love to see expansion at lovefield, and also Direct SW flights to destinations like California, Orlando,etc!!!
I've flown on 9V-SPK.

RE: Dallas Lovefield

Wed Apr 21, 1999 2:35 am

This is true, but more has come since this. The courts recently confirmed a decision that the Wright Amendment is not enforceable. The reason that it was adopted in the first place was to secure financing for DFW. People were not going to support the airport through bonds and other measures if DAL was also going to be a large airport. As a result, Dallas and Fort Worth agreed to limit DAL flights to the 5 states that border Texas unless conducted in aircraft of less that 58 seats. It really isn't just AA that is fighting this. The city of Fort Worth stands to lose money if Dallas is allowed to braech the contract, which appears to be the case.