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New Routes/Route Planning

Tue Feb 13, 2001 3:13 am

I was wondering if anyone on here knows how the airlines go about their route planning. For example, when Northwest recently added a bank of flights to their Memphis schedule, what factors led them to that decision? Or if say NW decides they are going to start serving Madison, Wisconsin from Memphis in addition to Madison's service to DTW and MSP, how do they do that, do they bring new aircraft online, downgrade or stop service altogether somewhere else to get the equipment? Or if they decide, hey we are going to start mainline service to Tallahassee, FL. I was just wondering if anyone knew.
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RE: New Routes/Route Planning

Tue Feb 13, 2001 6:13 am

It's just based on demand. For example, when American added a daily flight between Miami and San Jose, it was because of both city's strong prescense in the internet business (Miami has more internet companies based in it than any other American city; San Jose has a lot of the tech companies).