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737 Rudder Problem

Wed Apr 21, 1999 5:14 pm

does boeing 737 has ruder problem ? Is it really possible that rudder may be fully deflected without any pilot input because of a valve problem and in this case can the pilot keep the airplane in control with the ailerons ? Can the air load separate the rudder in this case ?
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RE: 737 Rudder Problem

Wed Apr 21, 1999 10:16 pm

Hi Gokhan

I dont know if B737 has rudder problem. but United never had this problem.

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RE: 737 Rudder Problem

Thu Apr 22, 1999 12:42 am

Hi Gokhan,

The problem of the 737 was a rudder reversal problem. i.e. It would deflect to the other side that was commanded by either the pilot or the autopilot. Now I dont know which effect this had on the yaw damper, but in any case as in most or all jetliners it has a hydraulic pressure limiter that restrict pressure to the rudder when travelling higher than a certain speed. This effectively eliminates the possibility of losing a rudder in flight.


RE: 737 Rudder Problem

Thu Apr 22, 1999 4:23 am

I don't know Gokhan....why don't you tell us. You fly the 737 and I would be very interested what your opinion about all this rudder business is. Do you think there really is a problem ? Have you ever experienced something like it ? Do you think the crash of THY might have something to do with it too ? Please let us know!

Lindy, you said United never had this problem....mmmm, not so sure. What about the Colorado Springs crash ?