Why The Delta/ACJet Pulldown?

Wed Feb 14, 2001 1:35 am

It looks as if Atlantic Coast Airlines Group is beginning to significantly downsize their Delta Connection franchise, ACJet.

1) They have decided to pull all CRJs from Delta Connection and allocate them to the IAD based United Express operation.

2) They have even begun moving some of the 328JETs from Delta Connection to United Express. Previously the Dorniers were to be used exclusively for ACJet.

3) They now want to dissolve ACJet as a carrier and fly the Delt operation under the same certificate as Atlantic Coast Airlines, the UA affiliate.

Whats going on? Were loads pathetic? Was DL not paying enough?


RE: Why The Delta/ACJet Pulldown?

Wed Feb 14, 2001 2:41 am

ACJet's main hub was supposed to be at LGA. Now their proposed slots have been cut 92 to 20 from the recent "slottery". No more LGA hub.
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RE: Why The Delta/ACJet Pulldown?

Wed Feb 14, 2001 4:38 am

Delta may also not have had a post-LGA Slottery plan B for AC Jet. I thought the planes might be rerouted to serve BOS, from where other Delta Connection carriers have served the AC Jet communities in the past. (Eg old Business Express).

United Express continues to grow rapidly at IAD, and probably could use the seat capacity right away.

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RE: Why The Delta/ACJet Pulldown?

Wed Feb 14, 2001 5:57 am

Ac-Jet has moved some of their ops to BOS. I have a classmate at ERAU/ADW who is an FO with AC-Jet. He was recently moved to BOS.

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RE: Why The Delta/ACJet Pulldown?

Wed Feb 14, 2001 8:38 am

The CRJs allocated to DL are now being allocated to United Express, a minor change. I think ACA had intentions to operate Dornier 328s in the United program aswell, so it's not a disappointment that FRJs are being sent to UA flights in 2002. I heard that ACJet, soon to be ACA operating for DL Conn, will add a few FRJ flights to Canada (probably ex Bus Exp routes out of BOS).
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