Matchbox And Dragon Wings

Wed Apr 21, 1999 7:48 pm


I was cleaning junk out of my room when I found a Cathay Pacific 747-400 1/500 made by Matchbox! And I found two of them! WHAT A MEMORY! I think I had them since 7 from a flight in CX from HK to Auckland, NZ. At the belly og the model, it says it is made in Mexico! I did know matchbox had fctories in mexico.

And apart from collecting the hasegawa 1/200 plastc kits, the Dragon Wings die cast models aren't bad, in fact, they're better than herpa wings. I've got ten of them, and some rare planes like the Viring Atlantic A340-300 Diana plane. And I"m gettin ghte 747-100 prototype. they're in 1/400 scale, with gerat looking box. I'm not sure if they are aviable in the US but they are avilable here.

I heard rumours saying that the CX 747-400 is coming out...

keep an eye for it...
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RE: Matchbox And Dragon Wings

Wed Apr 21, 1999 8:52 pm

What type of aicraft can you get from Dragon Wings? Only Airbus and B777s right? I personally think Herpa is great. Have you heard about Gemini?
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RE: Matchbox And Dragon Wings

Thu Apr 22, 1999 6:54 pm

Is CX B747-400 relesed from DRAGON WINGS? Really? Is this a normal model or an exclusive model? I am interested in it.

I like Herpa Wings , Dragon Wings and Gemini Jets. Gemini Jets model is good, however, the price is high.
And I don't like "No Step" on the wings and "Cut Here" on the fuselage.

The Model Guy Told Me..

Thu Apr 22, 1999 8:27 pm

I'm not sure if the CX 747-400 is coming out, but this model guy at the hobby told me when i asked him about new dragon wings models. But I think it is unlikely...

Anyway, I don't like the Herpa wings because the wheels are crap and the wings are all silver. I've got this special Kai Tak 777-300 model with this kai tak book and it is rare. but the quality of the model is very poor...

I heard of Gemini jets, they are simlar to DW's but I like DW's better.

Also, you're right, the cut here sign are annoying. go to and see the latest models. i think the UA 747-422 and AA MD-11 have just been released.