2-year Degree

Wed Feb 14, 2001 7:18 am

dose anyone know if a major airline will hire you with a 2-year degree? Is it likley that they will get hired? thanks a bunch
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RE: 2-year Degree

Wed Feb 14, 2001 9:27 am

TWA. They dropped their 4 year degree requirement a year ago. How ever, i dont know if they are currently hiring in light of recent developments. And of course just having a 2 year degree lessens the likelyhood that you will get chosen for the all improtant interview.

RE: 2-year Degree

Wed Feb 14, 2001 9:31 am

Although there are a few airlines that do not require 4 year degrees, the people you will be applying against will have them, so you do really need one!
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RE: 2-year Degree

Wed Feb 14, 2001 5:07 pm

It will be much more difficult to get hired with a major airline without having at least a bachelor's degree. However, many of the U.S. major's feeder airlines will hire you if you have an associate's degree. But, you would most likely be hired to fly the least desireable aircraft in the fleet. For COEX in particular, if you only have an associate's degree, you will most likely be hired as a Beech 1900 or EMB-120 first officer as opposed to an ERJ first officer. Their are exceptions however, such as number of hours, what type of equipment you've trained on or previously flown, etc. The flight instructor I previously flew with did not have a 4 year degree, but recently was hired as an ATR42 first officer with COEX. However, he had about 1300 hours and about 300 hours of multi engine, so he was hired to fly a middle of the pack airplane in the COEX fleet. Number of hours and especially multi engine hours do have a lot to do with it. My recommendation would be to get your bachelor's degree however. It does look much better on your resume.

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RE: 2-year Degree

Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:04 pm

2-Year degree, 3-year degree......its all the same, a degree is a degree. And to get a degree in whatever subject your have to complete every unit. You can overlaod yourself and complete every unit to satisfy the degree in 18 months, or you can go slow and do it over 4 years, but at the end, you would of completed the same stuff, and got teh same result, a degree.

Im starting BSc (aviation) on monday in Perth Western Australia, on average its a 3 year course but I reckon I'll be there for four because Im doing a few other things whilst at uni, therefore it will take me longer to fulfil the requirements of my aviaton degree, but at the end, all I get is a degree!
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RE: 2-year Degree

Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:43 pm

I'll be with TAA_Airbus.

See you there mate.