Wed Feb 14, 2001 2:44 pm

I hope twa survives
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RE: Twa

Wed Feb 14, 2001 3:26 pm

I am in DCA and i certainly hope TWA survives too. I hear from good sources, about a little knowen option to preseve airline competition in the US. Under present US law no foreign airline can own more than a 25% stake. There are some people who think it is long past time to raise the limit to 49%. I have been told by people very very close to this situation that some consideration to introducing legislation to do just that, is being considered. The feeling is the time may be right in order to repserve airline competition, jobs, and the economic health of St. Louis. In the end it might be difficult to voe against it. Above all do not underestimate the influence and power that house minority leader Richard Gephardt could yeild in such a scenario. He is hard working, loyal and dedicated to his constituents and the city of St. Louis.

RE: Twa

Wed Feb 14, 2001 4:17 pm

I hope so too.
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RE: Twa

Wed Feb 14, 2001 8:41 pm

I hope so too!  Big thumbs up

KLM747 Big grin
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RE: Twa

Thu Feb 15, 2001 5:57 am

Add me to the list!!!!! I love TWA as you can see.


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RE: Twa

Thu Feb 15, 2001 6:26 am

TWA don't deserve to go down into hole like what happened to Pan American Airways and other glory legend airlines.


RE: Twa

Thu Feb 15, 2001 7:54 am

I hope so too  Big thumbs up
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RE: Twa

Thu Feb 15, 2001 8:17 am

I hope Gordon Bethune has a twin brother or someone who is a carbon copy of him who can come in and turn them around like Good ol GB did with CO. Who know my prediction could come true and TWA could be expanding to new places within 10 years from now. Look what people thought of CO in 1988. They gave it up for dead. Now look where CO is now. What TWA really needs now is dedicated employees to stick with her more money and from aviation fans your prayers as well as your hearts and mind. Just remeber TWA and her employees in your prayers tonight next to your prayer for world piece and your wish to be famous  Smile/happy/getting dizzy They should do just fine.

RE: Twa

Thu Feb 15, 2001 2:09 pm

Wishihadalife or....


 Big grin

RE: Twa

Fri Feb 16, 2001 2:20 am

I think you mean

wishihadalife, WishIhadalife or wishIHADALIFE  Smile

This was wishihadalife

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