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Are Singpapore Airlines And Ansett A Good Combinat

Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:00 pm

With rumours spreading that SIA are about to take a stake in Ansett, (although both airlines deny the rumour with SIA saying that they don't comment on rumours), do you think they are a good combination? It is known that if SIA threw some money in AN's way, they could expand their fleet. However, what does that say about the way they're running themselves?

Also rumour has it (again!) that AN has "requested" 6 of SIA's Megatops. However I don't see this as happenning as SIA are wanting to build on capacity.

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RE: Are Singpapore Airlines And Ansett A Good Combinat

Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:06 pm

Ansett from what I've heard has higher service(international) standards than SQ, is directly in competition with QF, and many more bonuses which make these two airlines highly compatibal.

I hope they do get some cash from SIA.
Cause they really need it.

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RE: Are Singpapore Airlines And Ansett A Good Combinat

Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:09 pm

They are indeed a good match, and if not for Air New Zealand getting in their way, the Ansett/SQ relationship would be miles ahead than it is right now. For a long time, SQ has wanted a foothold in the Australian market, at one point it tried to grab a share of QF(before BA got it).
Singapore Airlines can provide a lot to Ansett, in terms of capital, fleet, service enhancements etc. They are both leaders in terms of cabin service, and this can only get better. Routewise, SQ will play a big part in feeding traffic through SIN on to non-Ansett ports. I beileve AN will focus on Northern and nearby Asia, the PAcific and West coast USA, and the rest(namely, Western Asia and Europe) will be via SQ.
SQ is short on capacity now and needs all its planes for its own routes, so at the moment AN will not be getting any 744s. This means its plans to launch SYD-LAX service appears to be on hold.
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RE: Are Singpapore Airlines And Ansett A Good Combinat

Wed Feb 14, 2001 11:51 pm

Yes, SIA and Ansett make quite a good pair, if not for the intervention of the so called "ugly stepmother". AN has a very good Australian network, which SIA wants, since it is the most frequent visitor to Australia. The small size of AN allows SIA to help it enter into the international aviation scene, and thus reaping benefits for both AN and SQ. NZ's land area is small and thus does not attract SQ.

SIA are going to receive 15 planes this coming year, so this increase in capacity MAY allow SIA to release the planes to AN.

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