Metrojet Emergency Landing

Thu Apr 22, 1999 4:10 am

On monday, the 19th, while waiting to fuel a Southwest airlines flight at BWI around 13:30 I noticed the medic blazer in my fuel truck mirror sitting by the old firehouse with it's lights on. I knew that whenever they sit in that position there's an emergency of some sorts coming our way. I jumped out of the truck and saw the fire-rescue equipment set up for a 33left landing. Out in the distants I could make out the lights of a 737 on final. The closer it got I could make out it was a metrojet. The a/c landed with no problems and the rescue crew chased it down the runway and then followed it to the gate where maintenance checked it out. Later that day I heard that it was flight 2785 from Dulles to somewhere,I think they said Miami. After takeoff from Dulles they had a hydro problem. If anyone has more info on the actual problem or how bad the problem really was I would be very interested in any input Thanks
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RE: Metrojet Emergency Landing

Thu Apr 22, 1999 4:47 am

I have a flight down to BWI tonight. Are there any
runways closed? This is highly unlikely but I was just wondering. THANKS!

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RE: Metrojet Emergency Landing

Thu Apr 22, 1999 8:42 am

No, this happened on monday. Both main runways 28-10 and 33L-15R are open.