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Airbus Faces Environmental Protests Over A380

Fri Feb 16, 2001 10:46 pm

Airbus Faces Environment Protests in France, Germany, WSJ Says

Toulouse, France, Feb. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Airbus Industrie, a European aircraft maker, is facing protests in Hamburg and Toulouse over building and transportation plans for its A380 superjumbo, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing protesters and company officials.

Airbus is appealing against a German court's ruling in favor of protesters trying to stop the company extending a runway at its plant near Hamburg onto 140 hectares of wetlands. French protesters want compensation for the planes' parts being transported through local countryside, the paper said.

The planemaker says these actions are necessary because its 656-seat plane will be too big to build at its current plant and transport by air. The company is appealing against the German court ruling and hopes for a decision next week.

``If we don't get permission to expand in Hamburg, we will find a solution in Toulouse, but that is not optimal,'' Airbus's chief operating officer, Gustav Humbert, told the Journal.

The company is owned by BAE Systems Plc of the U.K., DaimlerChrysler Aerospace of Germany, France's Aerospatiale Matra and Construcciones Aeronauticas SA of Spain.

(Wall Street Journal Europe 2/16 p.7)

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Feb/16/2001 1:32 ET

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