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Northwests 747 Routes

Sat Feb 17, 2001 2:56 am

Does any one know what routes NWA is flying its 747s 200 and 400s, all I can find for transatlantic flights are DC-10s.
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RE: Northwests 747 Routes

Sat Feb 17, 2001 3:12 am

The 747's are used for their extensive trans-pacific routes. All trans-pacific flights go through Tokyo (NRT). U.S. origins are Detroit, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, LAX, Seattle, Hawaii, New York, and I may be missing one or two. Pacific destinations are Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Guam, Tapeii, Beijing, and again, I may be missing one or two. Of course the 744's are used for the longer routes such as JFK to NRT. Hope this helps. It truly is an awesome sight to see 8-10 NWA 747's (as well as as an equal number of United Airlines 744's) sitting at Narita.
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RE: Northwests 747 Routes

Sat Feb 17, 2001 4:20 am

Many of Northwest's t-pac flights do not go to Narita. This includes Osaka,Shanghai,Beijing,Nagoya. Also, in the summer, Northwest flys the 747 to AMS from DTW,MSP, and JFK
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RE: Northwests 747 Routes

Sat Feb 17, 2001 5:03 am

NW flies one of its up to 5 daily DTW-AMS flights with a 747-400. NW 67

NW also flies one of its 2 daily MSP-AMS flights with a 747-200. NW 56

NW also flies with wintertime MSP-HNL with a 747-200. NW 921

ON a few occasions I have been on a 747-100 (when they still had them) or a 747-200 MSP-SFO in the summer months.

The DTW-ASIA flights are all 747-400s.
NRT - NW 11
KIX - NW 69
PEK - NW87
PVG - NW 89
NGO - NW 71

The MSP-ASIA flights are all 747-200s.
NRT- NW 83
NRT- NW 19

The west coast-ASIA flights are all 747-200s
SEA-KIX NW 95 (DC10)

All from NRT are 747-400s and -200s.

Osaka (KIX) has 747s and DC10s.
KIX-KUL a DC10-30, KIX-KHH a DC10-30, and KIX-SEA a DC10-30. The rest KIX-MNL(744), HNL(742), LAX(742), DTW(744) are 747s.

Nagoya (NGO) has 747-400s to MNL and DTW.