US$10000 For An Il-96-300

Sat Feb 17, 2001 5:50 am

The report below is actually on the strike which is again on at Vnukovo Airlines, but what really grabbed my attention is the price for which Sibir paid for the Il-96-300 and Tu-154M.

US$10,000 for an Il-96-300.

It looks like Sibir is totally gutting Vnukovo, so that their takeover will be approved quicker by the Russian Federal Aviation authorities.


*** Vnukovo Airlines Maintenance Staff Resumes Strike

Maintenance staff of one of Russia`s largest carrier, Vnukovo Airlines, resumed its strike, which was suspended in late December, a spokesman for the strike committee reported today. Accoding to the spokesman, the staff of Vnukovo`s Aviation Technical Center urged the airline management to repay wage arrears /60 mln rubles/ for four months, commit to an agreement on labor protection costs and provide free uniforms. In a statement issued to Russia`s trade unions and public organizations, the strike committee stressed that the present crisis in the airline was caused by its illegal privatization, incompetent management and lack of control on part of the state.

In the opinion of the strike committee, Vnukovo`s management was outsourcing the airline`s assests to various affiliated companies, which then sold those assests at incredibly low prices Thus, Vnukovo recently sold an IL-96-300 jet to Siberia Airlines at 300 000 rubles, while the actual price tag was estimated at several billion rubles. Another plane, Tu-154M was sold at 200 000 rubles, having the actual value of 3 million US dollars. The above actions of Vnukovo`s management, the statements noted, degraded the airline`s unique maintenance base, which would finally lead to its complete destruction.

Despite the fact, that Vnukovo Airlines continue operating flights, its fleet could be grounded in a few days after the aircraft fail to undergo maintenance checks.


RE: US$10000 For An Il-96-300

Sat Feb 17, 2001 7:13 am

That would be nice!
Do they had more? I would like to take one!

RE: US$10000 For An Il-96-300

Sat Feb 17, 2001 7:17 am

Poor airline  Smile