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Seats And Comfort

Fri Apr 23, 1999 3:20 am

some interio(u)r questions...

Originally, the B767 was designed to have an 8 abreast seating. However, Airlines chose the more comfortable 7-abreast version. Are there any airlines with the "cramped" seat configuration?

The MD11 has 9 or 10 abreast. City-Bird for example has 10 seats per row, Sabena, KLM, Swissair have 9.
Other airlines with 10 abreast??

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RE: Seats And Comfort

Fri Apr 23, 1999 5:34 am

I know of no commercialairlines that have 8-across in the 767 except for maybe charter airlines. 7-Acrossisn't incredibly comfortable, I can't imagine 8! THe same goes for the MD-11. I assume all scheduled airlines have 9-across. However some charters like World Airways, have 10 across.

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RE: Seats And Comfort

Fri Apr 23, 1999 5:42 am

I think only charter operators used 2-4-2 in 767.
I have seen seating charts of Garudar and Finnair using 3-4-3 arrangement in their MD-11s. I can imagine Garudar using this configuration for its Hajj flights. But I can't imagine Finnair does this to its passengers. Can anyone who have flown Finnair MD-11 confirm?
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RE: Seats And Comfort

Fri Apr 23, 1999 6:57 am

I have a copy of "Airline Seating Guide, US Edition", published by Carlson Publishing Company, Spring 1992. It has seat maps of all aircraft in an airline's fleet at the time. The seat map for the Delta MD-11 shows 3-4-3 seating, with 12 first class sleeper seats, 52 business class seats, and 250 coach seats. It's also in the Summer 1991 issue.
Apparently it was such an unpopular configuration that they changed it. The Fall 1994 issue shows three different MD-11 configurations for Delta, one with 18-53-164 seats, another with 18-32-215 seats, and another one with 18-32-195 seats, all in a 2-5-2 arrangement. I can't imagine an airline like Delta ordering a 3-4-3 configuration on the MD-11, but apparently they did.

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RE: 767 Seating

Fri Apr 23, 1999 9:26 pm

You're right. Most airlines opt for the 2-3-2 seating for the 767. However, a few charter airlines have the "cramped" configuration. I'm thinking of Britannia, which has approximately 328 seats in its 767-300s and 280 seats in its 767-200s, and Airtours International, which has about the same number of seats in its 767-300s. Also, Air 2000's newly acquired 767-300 has 327 seats. Finally, I think Leisure's 767-300s might have the same configuration, but I don't know if the airline still exists. Hope this helps. ...And yes, it does sound a bit cramped, especially considering that these planes are often used for long transatlantic flights.