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To CX747

Fri Apr 23, 1999 3:28 am

About New Air, well that article your refering to said they would fly either the A320 family or 737NGs not both. The chose A320s. I do not understand why you would not want to fly an airline with such modern technologically advanced aircraft as the A320 family of aircraft. All people really want is a cheap seat anyway and that is what New Air will provide.
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RE: To CX747

Fri Apr 23, 1999 5:19 am

No, the article said they would operate both. If they have changed their minds in the mean time I can not help that. And as for not wanting to fly them it is just personal opinion. I generally don't fly discount carriers. Anyway, I normally fly out of Newark so they don't help me at all unless they expand there. I almost always fly United.
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