Dragonair Joins The Elite

Sat Feb 17, 2001 12:38 pm

Dragonair joins the elite

Hong Kong-based Dragonair has launched The Elite, its first frequent flyer programme.

There are two types of membership, gold and platinum, which give passengers access to Hong Kong and Kaohsiung lounges, advance seat reservation and extra luggage allowance.

To gain gold status, customers must have flown 10 sectors in full-fare economy or equivalent over three consecutive months.

Passengers can use flights flown in the past six months to become gold members.

Platinum members upgrade from gold by flying frequently, especially in business and first. Application forms are available at check-in, ticket offices and in lounges.

Members of The Elite may still earn and redeem points as a member of the Asia Miles ( programme - the biggest frequent-flyer programme in the region - membership of which is open to all passengers who fly with Dragonair.

The new scheme comes after the carrier introduced a business class cabin into its Airbus A330 long-haul fleet.

The Elite has two membership tiers, Platinum and Gold, with your membership level based upon how often you fly. All Members enter The Elite at Gold tier level.

1. Membership is open to those aged 12 or above
2. Membership of Platinum tier is valid for a period of 36 months; Gold tier membership for 12 months
3. The flown sectors required for membership of The Elite cannot be used to
count towards membership renewal
4. Upgrading between tiers is automatic for eligible Members
5. Membership is non-transferable


- You must have flown 10 Elite sectors in full-fare Economy Class (or equivalent
in certain fare classes) in three consecutive months within the past six months
- Mileage credits begin on the first Dragonair flight completed after the issuance
of your membership card


- You should accrue 30,000 Elite miles
- Or 30 Elite sectors within the 12 month's validity of your current membership
- Mileage credits are reset upon renewal


- You should accrue 60,000 Elite miles
- Or 60 Elite sectors within the 12 month's validity of your current membership
- Mileage credits are reset upon upgrading