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TAM Brazilian Airlines To Atl?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 2:21 am

I read in a local Atlanta paper that TAM Brazilian is going to start nonstop ATL-GRU services "sometime this year". No specifics about schedules, aircraft, or a start date. Anybody out there know if this is for real? I understand TAM has been extending its reach abroad with A330s recently after many years as a domestic carrier. Kind of suprises me that they'd go head to head against Delta, which just started ATL-GIG flights in addition to ATL-GRU. I'm curious to see also how LAPA does with their ATL-EZE route once Delta starts their MD-11 flights in April. Go LAPA!
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RE: TAM Brazilian Airlines To Atl?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 2:33 am

I dont whant to be a pesimist and while I would really like to see all these airlines do good , two services from ATL-EZE . Thats two too much , and ultimetly I see Lapa giving up on this route . While TAM I think can survive flying from Sao Paulo to Atlanta(if this is true).
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RE: TAM Brazilian Airlines To Atl?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 2:54 am


Don't forget that TAM and Air France have a deep cooperation, and that Delta forged Skyteam with Air France.
If TAM plans to start a route to ATL, it could mean that the brazilian airline wants to take DELTA as its US partner instead of AA. We might expect that TAM could become the next member of Skyteam.

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RE: TAM Brazilian Airlines To Atl?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 4:30 am


I have to agree with AF-A319. TAM with it's great in-flight service and it's great reputation would fit in nicely in Skyteam's alliance. I hope that Air France and Delta realize the potential there and offer TAM to join in.

I really don't know about LAPA being able to substain the Atlanta-Buenos Aires market when Delta joins in. I really don't even now how they manage to fly that route since LAPA and and Delta do not codeshare on that route. Or do they? Atlanta-Buenos Aires mostly relies on feeders from other cities.

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RE: TAM Brazilian Airlines To Atl?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 1:25 pm

A possible start for TAM on the route would mean a shift of the traffic rights from VARIG to them. VARIG used to operate daily IAD-ATL-GRU service with B767-200ER, until they dropped the route after their last restructuring operation.

Is anyone aware of the fact that TAM already owns these rights?

Considering LAPA, I indeed tend to think that they will have a tough time against Delta in ATL. Note that their service is only thrice weekly.

On the other had, they seem to have been doing quite well until now. I wonder if there is so many local traffic to EZE in the ATL area. Or did they fly their passengers in on Delta. In that case, their service is indeed a dead end.

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TAM Has To Drop Their Codeshare With AA First

Sun Feb 18, 2001 1:31 pm

TAM is actually listed as a partner on AA's flights from Brazil to Miami and DFW. Delta has in the past had codeshares with Transbrasil. Both Transbrasil and VARIG have had and dropped air service to Dulles, but with STAR developing a hub at IAD, we expect the Brazilians to return.

Continental has yet to designate a partner to Brazil (unless that was VASP's mission in life), so they have access to Rio and Sao Paulo, but not much penetration beyond. Perhaps the one weakness CO's Latin American expansion has had is a lack of codeshare partners at the other end.