Fri Apr 23, 1999 8:15 am

Well, after a long trip to Germany and Poland, I'm finally back. Most people probably don't know or remember me, but that's fine. For those that do know me, my dad got a new job after he lost the job building MD-11's. He is know an Aircraft maintenance guy and refueler at YYZ
(Toronto) airport. I will probably pop in every once in a while and answer and McDonnell Douglas questions you have and things related to the MD-11, MD-80 and
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RE: Back

Fri Apr 23, 1999 10:26 am

Hi I'm Ben. Glad to have you back. How was your trip?
I also posted a topic saying that I was back but nobody responded to that. Has anybody read my post: "I'm back" Nobody seems to care. I don't want to put pressure on anyone but if I post something, it's for people to READ what I post.
Anyway welcome back.

Ben Soriano
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RE: Back

Fri Apr 23, 1999 1:53 pm

Oh yeah! Welcome back guys - so what kind of goodies do ya bring back
with you to the forum
I've flown on 9V-SPK.
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Fri Apr 23, 1999 5:03 pm

Welcome back on-board, CaptainPeter. Yes, I know you, I'm what use to be A1ex a while ago.

Good to hear your dad got a job after that "Boeing Job Harvest". I, as many on this forum, will miss the MD-11...

Take care,

Alexander Alexeyev
Scotland - Russia

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RE: Back RE: AA727

Fri Apr 23, 1999 10:56 pm

We did read. Nobody said anything avbout answering.

RE: Back RE: AA727

Sat Apr 24, 1999 4:52 am

Well thanks everyone. Actually my trip was pretty good, test drove some Audi's with my dad, flew around the countries, enjoying everything possible. Glad to be back