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Russians And Baggage?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 6:02 am

Anyone know what goes on at Aeroflot when it comes to boarding the passengers and their bags?Me and my pal ware waiting for our flight home from Istanbul and an SU flight was leaving at around the same time as me. I was amazed at all of the baggage that the Russians had in the departure lounge.Huge cardboard boxes. Massive holdalls bound with tape. Carrier bags and massive travel cases. These would have been handluggage as we were in the departure lounge. I thaught they must be going on a large plane, but my airbus passed an IL-62 on way to my Pagasus 737 to MAN. So, what really happens to the bags? ME and my pal are dying to know!!
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RE: Russians And Baggage?

Sun Feb 18, 2001 8:18 am

People who carry such a large amount of baggage are known in CIS countries by the name of "chelnoki" which means they buy cheap stuff in Turkey, China, UAE and they resell it in CIS. They make good money out of it.
As for the transportation everything works ships, buses, airplanes... the point is to bring all the stuff to the final destination as much and as soon as possible.
I hope this helps Sevenair