757 Cockpit Upgrading

Mon Feb 19, 2001 11:01 am

I just wanted to know if anyone out there has heard of any plans to offer the 777 style cockpit in the 757? I have only heard of this being an option with 767-200s and -300s. It would make sense for Boeing to only develop one for the 757 too. Also, why did CO not opt for the new 777 style cockpit in thier 762s? Would it delay delivery dates?
Thanks, Tom
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RE: 757 Cockpit Upgrading

Mon Feb 19, 2001 11:26 am

An announcement was made a year or 2 ago regarding this. The cockpit mod. should be available by the end of this year. The main question is, is it worth it to modify when Boeing is working on a new 757/767 replacement.

RE: 757 Cockpit Upgrading

Mon Feb 19, 2001 11:36 am

New 75/76 replacement, what are you talking about? Boeing has only looked at other versions of the 767, and a possibly BWB, but so far, the results that the BWB has been producing, do not warrant a replacement. Boeing is rather looking more closely at a 767 with a new wing, one for long haul, and a shorter wing for short hauls, which would be a good A310 replacement. DeltaAir, the 767 has many more long years in production.
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RE: 757 Cockpit Upgrading

Mon Feb 19, 2001 1:17 pm

King767, CO did get their 762's with the 777 cockpits/interiors. Boeing started up this new type of 762 for them.

Boeing is currently working on a 757-200ER, which would be the same as the current 752, except it will be able to fly further. It would also probably have the new interior and avionics.

Boeing is also working on a 767-300ERX, which will be like the current 763ER, except it will have more range, and probably the new interior/avionics.

And yes, Boeing is looking at different wing designs for the 767, one for short, one for long.