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SQ006 Interim Report Due Fri?

Tue Feb 20, 2001 3:15 pm

Supposedly the interim investigation report on SQ006 will be released Friday.

Interim report means the investigators release all the facts known so far, rather than the causes.

Rumours so far:

- The Captain was on an illegal roster, he hadn't been given enough rest in the days before the flight by SQ

- SQ ops may have called up the crew, to "check" if they were going to try and take off in the bad weather, or cancel the flight and cost money for hotel rooms. This, in SQ culture, is tantamount to an order to try and take off.

- SQ are going to revamp their flight operation department, bringing in a RSAF general.

- SQ are having to alter their policies on 1 Capt/ 2 FO long haul operations which have come under intense scrutiny.

- SQ are having great difficulty hiring new foreign pilots. Salaries and conditions are too low compared to other world class airlines.

Hopefully all flight safety departments will learn from this sad experience. Cutting corners to save costs, pressuring crew to operate rosters that are too tiring, and putting commercial concerns first can lead to disaster
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RE: SQ006 Interim Report Due Fri?

Tue Feb 20, 2001 5:15 pm

I have to defend SQ in this case. Because the items you mentioned are typical of all airlines, the only difference is that SQ has the mis-fortune of crashing.

I have seen many US carrier pilots that are way overworked. So not suprise to see that SQ has similar problems.

There are just too many planes with too few excellent pilots. Also majority of Asian carrier's flight crew often only consist of one fully qualified Captain and a bunch of less experienced FO/SO.
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RE: SQ006 Interim Report Due Fri?

Tue Feb 20, 2001 5:18 pm

Even Cathay Pacific or Malaysia Airlines?
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RE: SQ006 Interim Report Due Fri?

Tue Feb 20, 2001 8:45 pm

Yes I would think so. The person who posted the roumours: You didn't get them of pprune by any chance would you. Not dissing you but they seem so full of SQ this and SQ that, but your also forgetting the ATC, CI pilots (to a lesser extent), the runway lights, the runway lights!!!!, and the weather (although that has been ruled out)

I don't expect any hoo ha-s when this comes out. It's merely factual and won't tell us "why" anything happenned.
But we'll see.
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