777 Seating

Sun Apr 25, 1999 10:05 am

I know that UAL has configured their 777s with 2-5-2 seating just like DC10s and L1011s. I cannot find seat maps of CO's 777s but I saw a picture and it looked like they have them configured with 3-3-3 seating. Is this true?


RE: 777 Seating

Sun Apr 25, 1999 10:53 am

Yes. CO has their 777's in a 3-3-3 config. The seat map is on CO's site...however, you must have Adobe Acrobat to open the seating map.

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RE: 777 Seating

Sun Apr 25, 1999 11:16 am

Why 3-3-3 seating on 777s? I have tried to figure out the answer to this and i can't find one that makes sence. With the 2-5-2 seating every seat except one (the very centre one) is never more than one seat away from the isle. With 3-3-3 seating, you have two seats that are more than one seat away from the isle. So, really, as far as ease when getting to the isle is concerned the 'older' 2-5-2 configuration makes more sence even if it doesn't look that way because you have a bunch of 5 seats together.

Does anybody know the motivation between the shift to 3-3-3 seating. Is it a visal thing - percieve that the 3-3-3 seating is easier because of the smaller groups? Does anybody know the answer?

RE: 777 Seating

Sun Apr 25, 1999 12:26 pm

I don't know why they went 3-3-3, but I prefer 2-5-2 because if the flight is relatively empty it's easier to sleep on 5 seats than to sleep on 3. Also, I don't mean to be condecending, but for future reference there is an "a" in the word aisle.
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RE: 777 Seating

Mon Apr 26, 1999 12:36 am

The theory behind the 3-3-3 seating is (I think) that hte people who are by a window have it good and they can stand to clinb over 2 people like on the 747. That way the middle person isn't in too bad of a situation. If one is in the middle seat of 5, that really sucks. Personally however, I prefer the 2-5-2. Many airlines use the 3-3-3: Continental, Air France, Singapore, British Airways, and others.


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