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Biscoff Cookie Web Site - Follow-up

Thu Feb 22, 2001 5:04 am

Hey... I'm not sure if anyone provided the web site to purchase those tasty Biscoff cookies we all love, so here it is:


$19.95 for 200 cookies.

On a related "in-flight" goodies topic, has anyone ever experienced Chaquita Banana cookies? I had them on a TWA flight from STL to BOS last month. I want to buy some. If you don't enjoy bananas, they are not for you. (get your mind out of the gutter)

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RE: Biscoff Cookie Web Site - Follow-up

Thu Feb 22, 2001 6:01 am

I have never had the banana cookies, but I have seen those little butter cookies served on TWA flights. They are better than biscoffs. Since we are on the subject of inflight junk food though, does anyone remember those Hershey brownies Continental served at one time? They were individually wrapped and I cannot find them anywhere.