What Is The First Step?

Thu Feb 22, 2001 9:41 am

Okay, so I have decided. I am going to flight school. WAHOO! I am in my second year at Boston University. I am hating it. So, I am going to apply to flight schools. My question is this: Is it more important to find a good school and go wherever that is? Or should I just go to ... Southern California for example... and find a school near there? And, so what do I do? Do I just apply? Is there anything I need to know or need to do first? Am I rushing into this? HELP>?!??!

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RE: What Is The First Step?

Thu Feb 22, 2001 11:11 am

I am not a pilot but if you want to fly commercially you must contact the airline you want to sponsor you. They usually have their own flight centers.
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RE: What Is The First Step?

Thu Feb 22, 2001 11:40 am

In the U.S. you are on your own for light training. There are no sponsored programs.

Pick the school who meets your financial needs and go.

There is, what the schools call, an application and approval process. But make no mistake if your check clears your accepted.

Look for a school that has a refundable deposit before you attend clas, and one that will return the unused protion of your funds if you decide to leave before finishing your training.

DO NOT attend a flight school according to airline affiliations. Because a flight school is associated with a certain airline means nothing.

Do not attend transition programs after completing your CFI, II, and MEI. They not giving you any trainign your won't get when you get hired by a commuter. Work as an instructor and earn your hours. You will be hired soon enough.

If you have the funds you could be in a ground school tommorow. Don't wait to long. The regionals are hiring like mad.

I could recomend a flight school but I think it's obvious everyone would recomend the one they attended anyway. It would only be flame bait.

Just remeber in life you get wehat you paid for. If one school is more expensive than the next your probably getting something for that money.

I think one thing is unanimous FlightSafety should be at the top of your list of schools to visit.

Pan Am International Flight Academy has built a new atate of the art training facility in Ft. Pierce which includes class rooms, dorms, a cafeteria, and new air conditioned airplanes. They are offering to give you you're CFII , and MEI free if you enroll in their March 9th class.

Good luck


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