Difference In MD-83 And MD-88?

Sun Apr 25, 1999 12:52 pm

Does anyone know the exact differences from the
MD-83 and the MD-88. I have been TWA's MD-83's and Delta's MD-88's. The only thing I saw that was different was that the two different airlines had there 2 and 3 seating arrangments on different sides of the plane. Otherwise the TWA MD-83 had a full glass cockpit similar to the MD-88's and MD-90's including fully digital engine gauges and the tan colored backing just like on the MD-90's. I would also imagine that the airline configures the interior to there liking so I wont count any interior as a difference. It also seemed that Delta has a lot more seats on there MD-88 even though the two planes are identical in length, but I think that is from just having less leg room that TWA. ANy inout is appreciated...thanks

RE: Difference In MD-83 And MD-88?

Sun Apr 25, 1999 1:07 pm

They had the 2-3 seating on different sides of the plane? Every plane I've been on with 3-2 have had 2 on the left side ond three on the right (looking toward the nose of the plane). That would be odd to see a plane set up opposite.
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RE: Difference In MD-83 And MD-88?

Sun Apr 25, 1999 1:44 pm

When I flew on a Delta MD-88 (N916DE) about 3 weeks ago, it was 3 on the left and 2 on the right. I will scan a picture upon request.
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Sun Apr 25, 1999 2:47 pm

I have flown on many BAe 146s and RJs that are configured with 3-2. It really is much better that way. I like to sit on the starboard side usally, so it suites me just fine. You may just change your mind if you fly the other way (ie 3-2 not 2-3). I was sold first time.
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Dal Md-80/md-90

Sun Apr 25, 1999 5:01 pm

I beleive that Delta has their MD-90s in 3x2 arrangement while their MD-80s are in a 2x3. The reason might lie in the way the galley space is arranged around the rear door.

Also, about the MD-83 and MD-88, I think the difference might lie in teh maximum takeoff weight, of which the MD-88 is a little heavier. But I might be wrong.

RE: Dal Md-80/md-90

Mon Apr 26, 1999 12:05 am

ANd one more thing, I was on a Delta MD-88 and NOT a MD-90. All of Delta's MD-88's have the 3 seats on the left and the 2 on the right. TWA's and AA's seating is just the opposite from Delta.
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RE: Dal Md-80/md-90

Mon Apr 26, 1999 12:51 am

I have been on many Delta MD-88s, and they have three seats on the left and two on the right. Alaska's MD-82s and MD-83s are also this way.

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RE: Difference In MD-83 And MD-88?

Mon Apr 26, 1999 6:28 am

Well, since I'm supposed to be the MDC expert and no one else seemed to have answered this. the difference between the MD-83 and -88 is that the MD-83 is the long range variant of the MD-80 series, it can fly up to, 4,365km and was introduced in 1983. It uses JT8D-215 engines instead of the normal JT8D-217A engines on other MD-80's. It offers a 2% fuel consumption reduction and has 2 extra fuel tanks in the cargo area. The MD-88 on the other hand is a more computerized MD-80 with EFIS displays, increased windshear detection, improvements in the airframe and a better flight management system. It was introduced in 1988.
It uses the JT8D-219 turbofan. The info I have varies, since the info I got from Douglas a few years back is kinda old so some changes might have been made but I thinks the info is about right.
About 237 MD-83's have been delivered with 92 on order and about 158 MD-88's have been delivered, with no more on order. Hope that answers your question
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RE: Difference In MD-83 And MD-88?

Mon Apr 26, 1999 11:26 pm

One more thing that might be of interest:
All MD-81s/82s/83s and 87s operate under the type certificate of the DC-9. The "MD" was just a marketing name and you may recall that the series was first called DC-9 Super 80. As amendments to the original DC-9 type certificate they are in fact DC-9-81s etc. The MD-88 however has its own type certificate because of the improvements described by Capt. Peter in his post. So there is no DC-9-88.