British Airways Scare

Mon Apr 26, 1999 8:09 am

a BA plane from San francisco to london apparently played a wrong message through its tannoy saying it was going to crash in to the sea and every body to take up crash positions....every one did causing quite a commotion..........haha.........
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RE: British Airways Scare

Mon Apr 26, 1999 8:23 am

HAH!! BA...the World's Favourite Airline!


RE: British Airways Scare

Mon Apr 26, 1999 8:25 am

yeah British scare ways alright.........and i gotta fly them from LGW to charlotte in june............oh dear
David L
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RE: British Airways Scare

Mon Apr 26, 1999 7:26 pm

Yes, very funny - I'd like to have seen your faces if you'd been on that flight.

According to the BBC website, the tape is always sitting ready to go and they reckon a passenger started it running as a "prank". I hope they find out who it was and throw the book at them.
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Tue Apr 27, 1999 1:53 am

Yeah, that's a funny story, although I'm sure I wouldn't laugh if I had to hear that warning during my flight :).

It was reported to have gone off into 3 hours after take-off. That means, provided the asctual flught status was okay, the plane was on cruise and on its corresponding altitude and speed. Now, you guys - aviation specialists of different kinds - I bet that if any of u were on that flight, and u heard the message, u'd start to suspect somethting wrong - I mean - you're flying straight, at about 10kms above the earth, everything seemed fine and then that message goes off.... Must be a bogus...

Anyway, BA is indeed the World's favourite :).

Alexander Alexeyev
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