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Lufthansa's 727-200's

Mon Apr 26, 1999 8:27 am

When did LH retire their 727 fleet? I know it was sometime after 1993 because of the pics I have seen. Also...what was LH's configuration for this aircraft? Did it have a First Class, or was it configured in the 'Deutschland' config--all economy?

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RE: Lufthansa's 727-200's

Mon Apr 26, 1999 6:51 pm

I don't know about their pax fleet but recently LH have been marketing a couple of 727 Freighters they have had in an operation in India - a Joint venture, I believe.

Although they are Freighters, they are still configured with 3 man cockpits.
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RE: Lufthansa's 727-200's

Fri Apr 30, 1999 7:49 pm


I am not sure about the exact date of retirement of LH's 727 fleet, but I think 1993 is wright. The last aircraft to be retired was D-ABKT, the only 727 to receive Lufthans's current colours.
In fact the 727s were operated with a first class section, but Lufthansa's policy on having first class on European routes changed several times at the end of the eighties.

I am sorry, but at the moment that is all I can offer.