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The 707 Today.

Mon Feb 26, 2001 1:58 pm

Would you fly a B707 or 720 on a scheduled US airline if it were well maintained and refitted with new avionics and engines?
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RE: The 707 Today.

Mon Feb 26, 2001 2:00 pm

Is this a trick question???? Why wouldn't you?

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RE: The 707 Today.

Mon Feb 26, 2001 2:25 pm

Oh hell, yes I most certainly would fly it again!
The same goes for the Convair 880 & 990.
They don't build them like they used to!! Regards.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Mon Feb 26, 2001 3:59 pm

Why not start up new airlines? The 707 or something classic aircraft so airline would making money more people who really want so badly ride the plane!


PS -
I never flown on 707, CV-990 and Super consellation.

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RE: The 707 Today.

Mon Feb 26, 2001 7:40 pm


Thank God I flew the 707 still when it was operating around the world, I flew it 3 times and still if I knew someone was flying it I would go for it. That reminds me that in 1998 when I programmed my trip to USA I had a flight from Chicago to Seattle with United and I had 3 options, with 747-400 or the 777-200 or the DC-10, I choosed the DC-10 and I flew with N1811U, I know that soon after my flight United wfu that plane to be converted as a MD10 cargo, so I didn't looked back!!!
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 1:25 am

I'd fly on a 707 or 720 with the old avionics and engines - it wouldn't need to be refitted! In fact, I'd fly on one even if it wasn't particularly well maintained. Only ever flew on 2 707s and I'd love to fly on another... anytime, anyplace!

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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 1:52 am

I'd love to fly on a 707, DC8 or CV-99 coronado with their original engines again. They sounded like they had real power  Smile

Regards EGGD
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 2:47 am

 Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 2:55 am

Oh baby. I went to Beirut in the very early 90s to get a ride on one and I'd go anywhere to do it again. The only option I can think of is Nairobi-Mogadishu-Bombay, and I just don't fancy Mogadishu. It makes Beirut at it's most dangerous look like Oslo by comparison.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 6:03 am

Oh god yes!...beautiful aircraft....I have a quick question while I am on this subject....The last time we were waiting to taxi at atlanta...(nov 2000) I saw a four engined aircraft take didnt look like an a340 at all and was putting off a larger amount of smoke than usual (roughly that or a little more than a 727) Is it possible that I saw a DC-8 or 707? it seemed a bit odd considering that I cant think of anyone who still flies them... thanks=)
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 6:38 am

I would consider myself lucky to be flying on any classic airliner (707, 720, DC-8, convair 990, etc.). By the way, what ever happened to the Convairs?
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 7:18 am

Oh yes. I would definitely love to fly on a 707 anytime. The 707 is a beautiful legendary airliner, the very first jetliner Boeing has ever made, and the very first jetliner in US aviation history. I flew on a 707 once in my life back in 1985 when I flew from Rhodos (Greece) to Brussels. That was with TEA, a Belgian charter airline now out of business. One year ago when I was in Egypt I was hoping to fly on one. Luxor Air still has them, I saw those in Aswan. But I didn't because I was booked on Egypt Air which no longer has 707's. Most 707's today are used in the military or cargo operations. There are very few passengers 707's still flying in 2001, they are in Africa and in the Middle East. I think that excluding the military, VIP transport and freighters, you can count all of them with your fingers!

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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 9:22 am

I would jump at the chance to fly this legendary airplane. Guess I'll have to keep hoping for a ride on a KC-135, before I leave the miltiary.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 9:30 am

Didn't United retire its last 707 in 1991? Pretty recent.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 9:40 am


You're probably thinking of the DC-8. Both Delta and United re-engined a number of theirs with less noisy & thirsty high-bypass turbofans. They stayed in operation until 88/89. TWA retired it's last 707 in 1983 or so. I believe they were the last US operator. There was a recent thread on the retirement with some very nice pics of the final flight to JFK.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 12:11 pm

Yes indeed!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

I love the 707!
The last one was build in 1977 yet vanished from US fleets around 1984 and non-US carriers around 1991.
Yet there are many 30 year old 747s, 727s and 737 and even DC-8s still in service.
Why was such a classic American symbol put to death so soon?

Anybody know why?

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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 12:34 pm

The government bought most 707s for spares. Most DC-8s that are in service are stretch models, which held more than normal DC-8s or 707s. There was never a stretch model 707, due to its short landing gear would have to be redesign, and Boeing was busy designing the 747. With the re-engine program in the early 1980s, DC-8s were giving a new lease on life. At some point in an airliners life, its not worth overhauling anymore and sold for parts and scrap. There are hardly any 727-100s, 737-100s, 747-100s and DC-8-50s left in service.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 12:54 pm

Perhaps what you saw was an Airborne Express DC-8F.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 12:57 pm

I'd fly any type of aircraft.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 1:09 pm

Here in Latin America there are several active 707, it is a pretty common sight. A local carrier bought all the old ones from the leading companies to open a budget airline, so getting to fly on one is pretty easy.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 1:13 pm

In a NY min.!I miss the sound, the seat of your pants power of the 707's & DC-8"s.

Domesticly I can recall 120's of both TWA &AA , series 50's of DL and maybe UA. 60's of both Dl & UA for sure..loved the 62's! and the 71/73 series in the 1980's of DL & UA. One Intl experience that I can recall , an Avianca 707 from Cartagena back to the US. Have seen some old LAdeco 707's at SCL years ago.
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 1:25 pm

It was a good plane. I flew on 707s of BWIA and Pan Am in the 1970s; my last 707 flight was in 1981 on BWIA from Antigua to Port of Spain. The planes were indeed legendary. BWIA sold off its 707s the following year (it owned 6); the now defunct Caribbean Air Cargo of Barbados took 2, 3 went to the United States and the last was retained at the airport as a fire drill test unit until 1990, when it was broken up and shipped to Tobago for the filming of a movie, "The Last Island".

No 707s come to POS any more but several DC8s continue to fly here on cargo missions. Arrow is one of the operators. The planes can easily be noted by the plume of thick smoke they emit.

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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 3:21 pm

the only US domestic 707 i can think of is the 707-100 that is John Travolta's private jet. DC-8s still around - even a few non-stretch ones. Saw one at EWR couple of weeks ago; airline unknown. but, I think Emery still fly some. The Stretch DC-8s still utilized by Airborne and UPS as well. The Convairs are finished. Last one(s) were about 1980 on JFK - Puerto Rico cargo run.. Modern Air i beleive. still some in the desert. Fox TV was supposed to get one flying for the purposes of crashing it during a network TV ratings "sweeps" week, but it never happened. I hear elvis' private Convair 880 is on display in graceland though.


RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 6:48 pm

Why do you think that the B707 is any better than a B737-200 or B727. They all have the same fuselage!

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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 7:48 pm

I miss the 707. Technically outdated, it has no chance any more. But its still one of the most beautiful airliners ever, coming in second in the ranks of elegance after the 747. When I´m at an airport I prefer to see a single 707 over a hundred A320s, B737s and all the other boring modern Twin-Jets up to the 777!
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RE: The 707 Today.

Tue Feb 27, 2001 9:49 pm

In the US, government noise regulations killed the B707. I used to travel a lot from Washington, DC to Phoenix, AZ and LA in the late 1970's/early 1980's and had many flights on TWA and AA 707's. Both offered non-stop service from IAD to PHX and LAX. Even had a few rides on TWA's straight turbojet B707-331's. This all ended about 1983 when the 707's disappeared along with non-stop service to PHX. I got real used to making connections at STL and DFW after that, since traffic on this route wouldn't support L1011's or DC-10's and the B727 didn't have the legs! I also remember making a connection in STL one week before the "deadline" and seeing 3 or 4 B707's at the terminal and passing through two weeks later and they were all gone.

The real irony of it all was that the government said the airplanes were too noisy for the airlines to fly but bought most of these aircraft and used their "noisy" engines to re-engine KC-135's!!! Just another example of "do what I say....not what I do".

They were a comfortable airplane but I guess all airplanes were more comfortable back in the late 1970's when the seat pitch wasn't 8" and the airplane wasn't 110% full!

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Wed Feb 28, 2001 1:48 am

Man those were the good old days of flying!

Na, I agree 100%!
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