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Midwest Express In Chicago

Mon Feb 26, 2001 10:45 pm

Does anybody know why Midwest Express does not serve Chicago?
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RE: Midwest Express In Chicago

Mon Feb 26, 2001 11:27 pm

Just drive!!! or take the bus!

In my dream world they build a high speed rail link connecting Chicago-ORD-MKE-Milwaukee and offer check in at any of the locations. But seeing as Tommy left WI for the big time I doubt any more will be done as far as improved rail service (which came very close to being a reality).

My guess as for Chicago is cost and competition. Besides they don't want to upset the people at AA who are giving them a lot of connections in Texas and Cali. I have read a lot about this in the Milwaukee journal and the majority think its better to keep the flat landers out!! It's a pride thing...  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: Midwest Express In Chicago

Tue Feb 27, 2001 4:13 am

MidEx is conmfortable in their niche. I doubt it would be profitable to serve chicago...too much competition on non-stop flights...

NUair - I share the same dream...someday! I was really hoping Tommy would get the Transp. Position instead of HEalth but hopefully, it's still a good thing to have in at least somewhere on the cabinet...we'll see how Scott does...
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RE: Midwest Express In Chicago

Tue Feb 27, 2001 5:21 am

Part of their business plan was to use Milwaukee as an alternative airport to ORD and MDW. It would make absolutley no sense for them to serve Chicago. They would compete with themselves.  Nuts

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