UAL 777 First Class (domestic 2 Cabin A/c)

Fri Mar 02, 2001 7:05 pm

What do UAL 777 2-cabin a/c's first class seats look like?
Are they the old ones from 1999, or have they been changed to look like A320 f-class seats?
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RE: UAL 777 First Class (domestic 2 Cabin A/c)

Sat Mar 03, 2001 2:38 am

They are the newer domestic UnitedFirst seats. They also have the new UnitedEconomy seats with EconomyPlus. It seats 36 in First and 312 in Economy. It is not equipped with PTV's, it has LCD displays on the bulkheads and over the aisles. United did this because they want to make it clear that PTV's are a product for international service, and not domestic service.
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RE: UAL 777 First Class (domestic 2 Cabin A/c)

Sat Mar 03, 2001 7:34 am

To "women-fly-too:"
Are you referring to the leather seats in the A320? Those grey leather ones debuted in 1994 with the first Airbus deliveries, but most have been replaced with the adustable headrest, cloth seats that "KonaB777" knows.
The first two B777 two-class airplanes we received had a new interior color design (light grey carpet and greenish-blue seats) which has since been dropped due to poor employee and customer feedback. Our "new-new" interior colors are only on two a/c so far: one A320 and one B757. While the seats are the same as our current UnitedFirst product, the colors have returned to our dark grey/blue "theme." It looks rather somber, but quite professional. The bulkheads' design with the orange/red/blue wavey carpet has been replaced with a blue and grey "mesh." Hard to describe, but very stylish.
Sorry-- I know this answers your question... but then rambles on. ...Will you be flying the two-class B777 soon? In March United will offer two dailies between LAX and HNL with the aircraft. If you are, I hope you enjoy that new-plane smell!