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Braniff 747-SP Interior

Sat Mar 03, 2001 1:17 am

This post is prompted by Marlo Plate's pic of the 747SP interior in the Cabins section. He commented on the colourful wall panels and I can indeed confirm that they are a Braniff design. By the time the 747SP and 747-200s came along, Braniff was using leather seats in shades of tan or red (in the 747s only). The tan seats were installed in the sections with the yellow panels(visible in the foreground of his pic), the red ones occupied in the other section you can see up front. You can't see them here, but with BN, the back of the movie screens had big flowers on them.
BTW, the shades of red and yellow used in those sections are identical to the ones used by Alexander Girard in his "End of the Plain Plane" designs which went all the way back to 1965. In that case, the walls were light grey but each aircraft interior was a particular colour and, for example, Girard's 'yellow' interior featured seat covers which were solid, striped, or checkered in the shades of light green, yellow and ochre you see on thw walls of the 747. It is fun to see something like this and relive those days.
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RE: Braniff 747-SP Interior

Sat Mar 03, 2001 7:16 am

It is indeed fun to relive those days. BN had their problems, but they were fun to be around. I often sit here at my desk looking out the window at planes approaching or departing DCA and wish one of BN's painted birds would fly by. I miss them.

In 1981 I flew BN from DFW to LGW on "The Great Pumpkin". I came back on the 747-SP. It is a trip I'll never forget.

Thanks for posting the reminder.
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