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Question About CO957- The Island Hopper

Sat Mar 03, 2001 4:09 am

I know we have discussed Continental Micronesia to death, but I have a question about the island hopper service.

I believe there are certain stations were one cannot get off at unless they have permission to do so. I know at Johnston Atoll you could not get off unless you were there on official business, but that does not appear to be a stop anymore. But one of the other islands I believe this is also true.

Also what are the load factors on the island hopper flight versus the non-stops between Honolulu and Guam?

Thanks a bunch guys.
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RE: Question About CO957- The Island Hopper

Sat Mar 03, 2001 10:23 am

The other island where you must have permission to get off is Kwajalein - this is true whether you're going to the US base on Kwaj or to Ebeye (where many of the Marshallese who work on Kwaj live). But they actually check in Honolulu before you board the aircraft to see if you have permission to go to Kwaj.

My understanding is that the island-hopper can be pretty full sometimes. And my personal experience on the HNL-GUM-HNL flight was that the plane was full (or within a few seats of it). The non-stop HNL-GUM flight is a DC-10; the island-hopper was a 727 for many years but is now a 737-800 with the retirement of the 727's from both CO and CO Micronesia's fleets.