Balkan Air

Thu Apr 29, 1999 10:47 am

What is it like to fly Balkan Air? What is the airport like in Sofia Bulgaria?

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RE: Balkan Air

Thu Apr 29, 1999 8:42 pm

I have flown Balkan, back in 1989, when I was only 9 years old.

I remember vivdly that their planes were remarkably clean and they did not have that fuel smell, which was a bit unsusual for me - as I was used to that aviation smell on Aeroflot planes.

I flew Balkan's Tu-154B (I think...) and Tu-134A-3. Both on one day:

Varna - Sofia
Sofia - Varna.

Sofia's airport - well, nothing special. Nice one. Quite big as well... In general, I liked Sofia.

I know, it's been ten years since I was there and lots of changes must've taken place. I'm sure the changes to the better...

Alexander Alexeyev
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