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Attn Pilots, Maintenance Issues

Sat Mar 03, 2001 2:39 pm

Commercial pilots, have you noticed a decline in the quality of maintenance done in the past ten years or so?

I'm not trying to start another pilot vs mechanic flame war, but it's quite obvious due to the low pay and poor working conditions, aviation does not attract the astute technicians it used to.

Aspiring pilots, are you concerned about lack of oppourtunity at the regionals due to the lack of qualified technicians?

It's no big secret that at Embry-Riddle, one of the undisputed leaders in aerospace education, the airframe and powerplant program is only at half capacity, and of those graduates, as much as 60 percent seek employment outside of aviation in search of higher pay. In fact, if the rumours I hear are true, Disney World offers as much as $50/hr for A&P school grads, as their business revolves around smooth, safe operating amusement rides. Just a heads up for all you aspiring A&P mechs. Call Disney. It sure beats working on junk turboprops at a regional for $12/hr.