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Need Some Info: LH Is Handling Agent For...?

Sun Mar 04, 2001 1:45 am

hey guys, if anyone has some info on this subject, i´d really appreciate.
just recently i learned that cyprus airways is putting its ground handling at FRA back into the hands of lufthansa and that made me wondering about other airlines which have their ground handling being operated by lufthansa.
unfortunately, lufthansa doesn´t provide this kind of info anymore in their schedules and i couldn´t get the info anywhere else.
it´s been quite some time i´ve been to FRA and anyway i usually don´t pay very much attention to LH serving as handling agent, however,
does anyone has info on which airlines have their ground handling operated by lufthansa, especially in FRA and MUC (except for most of its alliance partners, of course)?
i got some airlines in mind, but i´m just not sure...

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