Get A Load Of This

Sun Mar 04, 2001 9:28 am

We all know that aviation has many different spin-offs, and many different products are manufactured which have to do with aviation, for example, models, videos, etc, BUT would you have expected this?

A company in Bulgaria is making these cigarettes at the moment, although I understand they are in a battle with Aeroflot over the name.

Popular "non-flavoured blend" brand. Well liked by smokers with predilection for the natural taste and odour of the tobacco.

Anyway, just thought I would share this with ya.


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RE: Get A Load Of This

Sun Mar 04, 2001 10:28 am

In Canada, the package would have to have a picture of a black, cancer-infested lung on it as well. Or a gum-diseased mouth full of rotting teeth.

Almost worth taking up smoking just to collect them!

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RE: Get A Load Of This

Sun Mar 04, 2001 12:58 pm

I see those for sale every day here. I just thought they were left over from the old Aeroflot.
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