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Pilot Info And Education...

Sun Mar 04, 2001 11:12 am

Hi as wanting to be a pilot at the preferred age of airlines I was wondering what the best way to get started and the best way to go about so I can get ahead of the game. I also would like to know what education you need. Also where do you get and keep your required hours for airlines and the FAA? Thanks.

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RE: Pilot Info And Education...

Sun Mar 04, 2001 12:25 pm

Purdue University offers an excellent pilot training education from what I have heard.

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RE: Pilot Info And Education...

Sun Mar 04, 2001 1:51 pm

Well, there are two chioces, Military or civilian. Military is probably the cheapest way but then you'll have to serve with them for a couple of years.

If you don't have any hours, you can go to any good flight academies such as Sierra Academy of Aeronatics, Pan-Am International Flight Academy, or Comair Academy to get all your licenses and ratings then you'll be hired as a CFI and a guarenteed job with the regionals. Or you could go to a flight college such as ERAU, Purdue, DWC to get your flying done and a college degree.

For education, some regional airlines don't require their pilots for college degree. Just need a high school dimploma but some requires at least an associate degree in any field. But you'll need at least a Bachelor degree in any field to fly with the majors.
In high school, try to take AP/IB/Advanced math and science.

Good luck and happy flying, any questions??? just post!

Might want to check out
It'll help most of your questions.



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RE: Pilot Info And Education...

Sun Mar 04, 2001 2:36 pm

Well, I was in the same position two years ago...and for me...Embry-Riddle (ERAU) was an easy choice. Now, I don't want this to sound like a commercial for the school, but I can honestly say that I am very happy with what I have learned here, and also where it is already taking me.
Now, there are many options that you can look at. As others said, there is military, and then there is the it yourself way. Because my eyes are not to military flight standards, I had no choice. Back in high school, I asked several airline pilots the same question that you posted...where do I go if I want to become a pilot? While many names were mentioned (UND, Purdue, Daniel Webster, FIT, and others) none were mentioned as often, or as enthusiastically as ERAU.
Now that I am a senior, I look at everything I have learned, and wonder how anyone could possibly be a professional pilot without the education that I have recieved. I have learned so much about aerodynamics, weather, jet operations, international flight planning, performance, systems and components. Most importantly, I have learned why we as professional aviators, do what we do when we do it in the cockpit. Also at ERAU, the comradary shared by every aviator is everywhere. The campus is located at the Daytona Beach International Airport (there is also a campus in Prescott Arizona), and every time a delta jet, or continental plane takeoff or land, seriously, everyone stops and takes a look...its like having 4000 people in one place for four years.
Now, like I said...I don't want this to be a commercial for ERAU, but I have been so happy with my $100,000 education (yes, it is terribly pricey). The regional airliners are almost asking me to interview, and many of the people who graduated when i got here are already flying for major airlines. Its not a guaranteed deal, but if you have a good attitude, and you give 100 percent, you can make your dreams come true....just like I am.

Best of luck...if you have any me