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Capt. Rudolfo Bay Is Now Up In The Sky!

Sun Mar 04, 2001 7:28 pm


As a Convair fan specially about the CV990 Coronado I would like to pay my deepest tribute to Capt. Rudy Bay now that is life on earth is over after 86 years old. This true gentleman of aviation gave a new life to the Coronado during many years and he was the greatest fan for this aircraft. Is expression for the Coronado as "The Maserati of the sky" will be imortalized and most of the ones that flew in their airline Spantax will remember forever how he supervised his airline. Many of us still remember seeing in European skies their neat CV990's flying regulary and due to that some of us could see until very late that plane flying around. I'm sure now he's in peace and up there in the sky!!!

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Photo © Stefan Sjögren

As a tribute to him the last CV990 that is still in Palma should in fact be preserved now!!!
CV990, the Maserati of the skies!
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RE: Capt. Rodolfo Bay Is Now Up In The Sky!

Sun Mar 04, 2001 8:52 pm


Rodolfo "Rudy" Bay passed away on October 1, 2000. The founder and long-time head of Spantax S.A. was 89 years old. Spantax was founded on October 6, 1959 and became an epitome of European charter airlines in the 1970's and 1980's. Following the sale to a finance company in Luxemburg, the airline had to cease operations on March 29, 1988 due to a lack of financial backup and a failed reorganization.