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ANA Vs. Jal?

Mon Mar 05, 2001 1:13 am

Which of these two Japanese great airlines do you prefer? I as a Star member would of course pick ANA but which has the best service and is your definite pick?
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Mon Mar 05, 2001 4:14 am

I prefer JAL, the biggest Japanese Airline.
JAL has DC10s!!

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RE: ANA Vs. Jal?

Mon Mar 05, 2001 4:24 am

I like ANA just a tad bit more than JAL, but they are both great airlines!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: ANA Vs. Jal?

Mon Mar 05, 2001 4:58 am

JAL is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!  Wow!  Wow!
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RE: ANA Vs. Jal?

Mon Mar 05, 2001 5:46 am

as far as i know, ANA is bigger than JAL.
that´s what it was always like.
that could have changed, though.
but i don´t think so.

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