Safest European airlines

Sun Oct 25, 1998 7:56 pm

The safest European airlines are
The unsafest airlines are

That is what AIRSAFE says, but I don't agree.
They are right about the safest airlines,but Turkish has inproved a lot in terms of safety.
KLM has proved just a couple of weeks ago that their unsafe rating is more or less justified.(the MD11 wrong altitude incident)

RE: Safest European airlines

Sun Oct 25, 1998 8:42 pm

Yeah that list seems about right. I can say that I don't have knowledge of a single accident happening at Finnair during, well, the whole jet age... There was an MD-87 that landed on top of a car at the runway and the car became a convertable, and then there was that MD-11 that had a failed engine above Russia (not the best place to have an emergency) but these are not major things I think.
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yeah right ;)

Mon Oct 26, 1998 1:55 am

This list doesn't seem right because British Airways isn't on it. Also, KLM isn't the most unsafe of European airlines. Maybe whoever created this list should look closer at other Euro-airlines, like small charter companies.

Just my 2cents ;)


RE: yeah right ;)

Mon Oct 26, 1998 4:05 am

Virgin Atlantic and Express are not on there and they have not had one problem yet! Also BA I would expect on the safe side of that. Also I would not expect KLM to be unsafe and the altitude thing maybe they heard it wrong or thought wrong I am sure that happens all the time!
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RE: Safest European airlines

Mon Oct 26, 1998 10:08 pm

The safest european airline is Swissair.
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Are you kidding? Sabena? Safe?

Mon Oct 26, 1998 10:27 pm

Sabena safe?
What? They crashed an A340, an A330 ran into a 737 a Brussels airport while taxiing, a 737-200 blew up an engine in mid-air. All within 6 weeks!!

RE: Are you kidding? Sabena? Safe?

Tue Oct 27, 1998 3:15 am

Some wags have said that SABENA actually stands for
Such A Bloody Experience--Never Again!
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RE: Safest European airlines

Tue Oct 27, 1998 4:32 am

thats a laugh
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RE: Are you kidding? Sabena? Safe?

Tue Oct 27, 1998 7:18 am

Such A Beautiful Experience Now Again !

Ben Soriano
Brussels Belgium

RE: Sabena

Tue Oct 27, 1998 7:30 pm

I heard it is "such a bloody experience, never again"... :)