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Special Pain Schemes

Tue Mar 06, 2001 1:07 am


Does any one know about the paint schemes for various planes? Does all the paint weight the same amount, do they calculate the weight of the paint into the design? What happens when they repaint the plane?

I have seen poke'mon paint schemes and SmataFat schemes.


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RE: Special Pain Schemes

Tue Mar 06, 2001 2:02 am

If a plane is painted, all the paint would, as far as I know, weigh the same amount. Hence the white IranAir livery would not weigh more than the Wunula Dreaming livery.

If it is not painted (eg American Airlines - cheapskates), the weight is reduced, but the polishing effort increased. Oh, and the planes look UGLY.

When BD changed their livery, there were pictures of the plane (B737-500) before and after the paint was applied here on Airliners.net. Have a look at them. They scrap off all the old paint and put on something new.

PS: The Pokemon scheme is a disgrace. How can anyone paint these horrible little annoyances on planes? What's next? Sailormoon scheme? Smurf scheme? Republican Scheme? George W Bush scheme? All-annoying-things-in-the-world-combined scheme? Urgh.

RE: Special Pain Schemes

Tue Mar 06, 2001 2:09 am

I once had a "Special Pain Scheme." It involved electrified razor blades and plenty of water.  Nuts

Sadly, the Department of Defense did not find it to be a justifiable means of extracting information from Iraqi prisoners of war. Something about creulty and those Amnesty Int'l bastards getting all mad at us.