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QANTAS' Revamped Internet Site

Tue Mar 06, 2001 7:51 pm

Qantas Launches Revamped Website
SYDNEY, 6 March 2001:

Qantas has launched its new look web site which has been upgraded for faster, more efficient on-line service.

Qantas Executive General Manager Sales and Distribution, John Borghetti, said the new design reflected the significant improvements in functionality and content incorporated in the site since it was last redesigned in 1997.

“Research has told us that our customers have very specific patterns of on-line behaviour, and we have structured the site to accommodate those patterns and lead customers quickly through the most popular areas,” he said.
Mr Borghetti said visitors to the web site typically were most interested in searching for flight information, and booking flights, packages and Frequent Flyer awards.

“The most popular pages are now more accessible straight from the home page – for example, our Internet-only Red e-deal fares and flight availability are accessed with one click,” he added.

"The latest special fares, and Frequent Flyer information and services are also amongst the most popular areas of”

Mr Borghetti said a key feature of the new-look site was a more user-friendly navigation system and structure so that visitors to the site could access the areas they wanted in fewer steps.

“We are also able to support better the needs of travellers in overseas regions such as New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom.

“We believe the new design meets the key needs and requirements of our customers,” he said.

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RE: QANTAS' Revamped Internet Site

Tue Mar 06, 2001 10:58 pm

But hey... I can get to the new revamped website but I can't get back to it the second and third time I went to

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RE: QANTAS' Revamped Internet Site

Tue Mar 06, 2001 11:59 pm

It is damn ugly.

TO much like the other airlines.

I like the older one.

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RE: QANTAS' Revamped Internet Site

Wed Mar 07, 2001 1:36 am

Total shite. Can I say that? Well the title on the Internet Explorer was alright, but nothing loaded up. Hmmm. A White Screen? Well at least they're not telling lies. It was quite a white revamp.
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RE: QANTAS' Revamped Internet Site

Wed Mar 07, 2001 1:40 am

It loaded up OK but it didn't thrill me. Extra pages don't really cost any extra, why don't airlines have more about their fleet (photos etc), history etc?

The QF site is dull - MEA have 9 planes, five A310s and four A320/321s, hardly a Qantas. But their site is just as good/bad. Just like every other airline site I can think of. An airline with the size/importance/history like QF should be able to do much more than this. Zzzzz.
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