Fed EX 727-200's

Sat May 01, 1999 3:31 am

I was catching up on some reading and in the 17-23 March issue of Flight International they have a new world airline directory in this issue. Looking through it it states that FED EX has 60 727-100's and has nothing on the 727-200's. From my understanding FED EX has 65 727-100's and 95 727-200's in their fleet. Also it has UPS as having 49 727-100's in their fleet when it has 51.
Looking at FED EX's website they list no 747's in their fleet I know UPS bought a couple a few years back from them and some were sold to Air Hong Kong and others but in this issue they have 1 747-200, and 2 747-400's. Flight international states FED EX has having 23 MD-11's with 20 on order and a total of 69 DC-10's with not one showing on order or options. FED EX website states they have 26 MD-11's with 33 on order and 74 DC-10's with 21 on order.
Where is Flight international getting their information what is the real numbers in fleet size.