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United Maintance Center - Den

Sat May 01, 1999 5:15 am

Last night I got a tour of the United Maintance Center at Denver Intl. It is a truly amazing place! I had full exterior and interior tours of B737-300, B757-200, B777-200, and saw many cool things such as engines being prepared for fitting to the B777-200. Also got demonstrations of the B777-200s landing gear, flaps, EFIS cockpit, cabin entertainment systems, etc.

One funny note was that while sitting in the FO's seat of the B777-200, I mentioned to the man that I wished UA had MD-11s. His reply was (in a very serious tone with a serious face) "We DON'T like McDonnell Douglas."

By the way, this tour was part of Civil Air Patrol. If someone really wants to see pics, I will post them.