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Grounding Md-11's

Sat May 01, 1999 6:24 am

There has been 3 md-11 accidents in less than 3 years,could they be grounded?The latest was a korean air that crashed 6 min after take off,which is still under investigation.

RE: Grounding Md-11's

Sat May 01, 1999 6:29 am

That is no reason to ground them. The MD-11's accident/incident rate or amount is relatively low actually.
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RE: Grounding Md-11's

Sat May 01, 1999 7:16 am

MD-11 is right. I agree with him.
3 accidents (one Fed Ex landing in Newark, one Swissair plunging into the sea off the Canadian coast and one Korean taking off somewhere in Asia) is not a reason to say the MD-11 should be grounded. The MD-11 is an unsafe plane so it should be grounded, I don't buy that. The MD-11 still has a good safety record. A lot of people, including myself, are sad about the end of the MD-11.
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RE: Grounding Md-11's

Sat May 01, 1999 10:16 pm

I heard on the news that Delta is taking its MD-11's out of service with the airline because of their so called "high incident rate". Really I think the MD-11 is a great airplane, but I guess they don't want to take any more chances. Also the FAA could possibly ground them for the same reasons. Its a shame.

RE: Grounding Md-11's

Sun May 02, 1999 12:16 am

What, that sounds like a load of B.S., which wouldn't really be surprising considering how rare it is for the news to say something accurate about airliners. Delta planned to replace the MD-11s long before the MD-11 came in to the media as having a high incident rate, and it doesn't even have a high incident rate. Gee, didn't the 737 have more incidents then can be counted with the fingers on one hand within a month recently, and they say the MD-11 has a high incident rate.

RE: MD-11

Sun May 02, 1999 3:54 am

MD-11, If you want to know where I heard this, it was on the Nightly News with Tom Brokaw about a month ago. Really I agree with you, I have always liked the MD-11. They are great, reliable airliners. I see no reason why the FAA and airlines should ground them.
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RE: MD-11

Mon May 03, 1999 10:49 am

What was the likely cause of those three incidents anyway? I didn't think that there were any similarities. I like the aircraft, but when you guys get nervous, it makes me nervous--I'm going all the way to Athens on one in July.