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Boeing 717 Donks

Wed Mar 07, 2001 3:49 pm

Hello, can anybody please tell me what type of engines power the Boeing 717, and how many lbs of thrust they produce? Also, has anybody flown on them and taken any notice of their power, how well they accelerate on takeoff, and climb, etc? Thankyou for your time  Smile
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RE: Boeing 717 Donks

Wed Mar 07, 2001 4:01 pm

Bring back the Concorde
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RE: Boeing 717 Donks

Wed Mar 07, 2001 4:02 pm

As a F/A for AirTran, I've spent a lot of time on 717s (they're the only A/C I've bid for over the last 18 months.)

Ours are powered by two BMW/Rolls Royce BR715 high-bypass-ratio engines. Each produces 21,000 lbs of thrust. Yes, they really boogie.

On nearly EVERY flight I work, passengers comment on the incredible takeoff and climb, and how quiet they are.
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RE: Boeing 717 Donks

Wed Mar 07, 2001 11:08 pm

flown on TWA's four segements. nothing spectacular on take off and climb. The exceptionaly hard seats TWA chose to install were the only memorable aspect.

I've gotten a bigger kick out of a 737.
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RE: Boeing 717 Donks

Thu Mar 08, 2001 1:02 am

I took a 717 ride in January on TWA and I was quite pelased with the performance of the airplane. The seats were a little hard but not awful for such a short flight.

My first flight was nearly empty and we were off the runway in St. Louis in virtually no time. I'm amazed by the quietness and power of the BR715s on that airplane. The air-conditioning system is also quite an amazing feat. They will be well-liked at AA.