What If Boeing And Airbus...

Sat May 01, 1999 7:24 pm

There are always competition in this industry. I've found an interesting pattern...

In the 1960s, Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed were in a race for widebodies. Boeing knocked out DC and Lockheed. Lockheed soon pulled out of the commercial market with the failure of L1011. The Airbus really came into the market in the 1980s with A310s and A300s and soon A320s. This decade, the Dc products are almost gone because of the Boeing-Airbus competition. The slowdown of MD-11 and MD-90 made obvious that MD is going to lose the market. Now MD is merged with Boeing. The competitors are Boeing and Airbus. There is only one winner, I reckon someday, Airbus and Boeing will do something like a merge.

RE: What If Boeing And Airbus...

Sat May 01, 1999 8:11 pm

I don't think so personally.

Tupolev And Illuyshun(sp?)

Sat May 01, 1999 8:32 pm

If Tupolev and Illuyshun aircraft really wowed airlines around the world with their new aircraft, I think Boeing and Airbus might do something together to wart off competition.
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RE: What If Boeing And Airbus...

Sat May 01, 1999 8:39 pm

I dont think so, Boeing & Airbus are TOO Big of competitors to merge, notice that all companies that merged together, were " Losing" or not selling their product as well : ie. Boeing & MD
MD wasnt doing so well with the MD11 or MD 90,
I am saying that since both companies have ABOUT equal amounts of buyers they wont merge.

Lockheed Would Be A Winner Too

Sat May 01, 1999 10:46 pm

A merger between Airbus and Boeing would only get US regulatory approval if Boeing divisted all or most of its most profitable defense holdings, F-16, ospry, missil componants ect. and Lockheed would most likley be the benfactor. The UK is Airbus member nation that received the highest marks or grade if you will relating to what US allies could be trusted with US secrets. Military technology and other wise. The UK came in on the highest level, Germany on the next level down, France, spain came in at a very low level basically saying they cannot be trusted with US secret technology. I think that this would hurt any chances of the Boeing getting involved in a merger that would force them to sell very very profitable defense businesses.

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RE: Lockheed Would Be A Winner Too

Sun May 02, 1999 1:54 am

I disagree. The more likely scenario is Boeing breaking up the Airbus alliance by merging with DASA. DASA recently said they were looking for US defense partners after being dissapointed by two other Airbus members. The first was the BAe acquisiiton of GEC's Marconi defense unit and the second was the French opposition to privatization of Aerospatiale and eventually Airbus. The Germans and Brits are unafraid of US competiiton, but the French obviously are. I don't think Airbus workers have ever been laid off and you can be sure this would happen the minute the company had shareholders and bottom lines to worry about. US workers like to strike all the time, but man, French workers on strike? They might just send Tolouse up in flames. These are REAL protesters. (by the way, I admire that about the French-they really know how to get pissed off when it comes to jobs and $$$)

RE: Nyc Int'l

Sun May 02, 1999 3:31 am

Since when is the F-16 a Boeing product ?

RE: Nyc Int'l

Sun May 02, 1999 3:40 am

My mistake, I meant the F-15. Sorry, I will slowdown when typing future posting posts.


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