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Southwest Reg. Suffixes

Sat Mar 10, 2001 1:20 pm

Ok, how many different registration suffixes is Southwest up to now?
These are the ones I can remember seeing:



RE: Southwest Reg. Suffixes

Sat Mar 10, 2001 1:27 pm

At one time, I saw a 732 with an ML suffix. More recently, I noticed that "Spirit One" is N793SA. So there's one more.
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RE: Southwest Reg. Suffixes

Sat Mar 10, 2001 1:32 pm

Does Southwest still leased those 737-300s from American?? Or did they buy them outright??
American took over 8 or 9 -300 from the AirCal purchase. I can't remember all the details tho. Regards.
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RE: Southwest Reg. Suffixes

Sat Mar 10, 2001 1:38 pm

In perusing Bill Harm's registration web-site, and from my personal observations at MSY, there are a number of other suffixes on SW aircraft, especially on the -700's.

They include N700GS, N711HK, N714CB, N737JW, N738CB, N761RR, N777QC, and one to be delivered shortly as N797MX (all these are -700's).

N702ML is still around (as a -200).

I do believe that some of the 737's picked up from American are still around.

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