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Boeing's 737-900 At YYT

Sun Mar 11, 2001 3:25 am

Hey all,

Well, I just had a wonderful experience. I just got home from St. John's airport (YYT) where Boeing's prototype 737-900 is doing crosswind testing.
I went to get something at work and when I went out on the ramp, it was taking off on runway 29. It then did a circuit and overshoot of 29. It did this about 8-9 times.
I went home and got my camera and came back. It was parked at Esso's hanger.
I went out to take some pictures and the some of the Boeing engineers invited me on board to take some shots.
What a flight deck!! The HUD was really cool!
I was talking to the pilot and he said that they were here to do crosswind testing of the a/c (which they had - 90 degree crosswinds on runway 29 at 20+ knots), also, they were testing the planes CAT III autoland.
It was really awesome watching the plane approach and then pull up sharply and overshoot, especially with the winds being fairly strong. They also did a number of touch-and-goes.
What a great day!! Thanks to the Boeing crews who let me come aboard and check out the plane.
For any YT spotters, the a/c will be here tonight, but I think it is leaving tomorrow. It is at Esso's hanger (hanger #1).

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RE: Boeing's 737-900 At YYT

Sun Mar 11, 2001 3:34 am

Wow, your lucky! I wish I was there!